Bravo All-Stars is a cheerleading facility that is dedicated in giving each athlete the ultimate experience. We look forward to getting to know each individual, help them set and achieve goals, learn the value of commitment and teamwork, and ultimately see their dreams become a reality.  We strive in giving your child all of the proper training that is involved in this SPORT. The staff takes pride in their role in this program and commits to making this experience a memorable one for your child. Our staff are trained and qualified in making all the decisions that need to be made to run this program as smoothly as possible. We will make every attempt to keep the lines of communication open at all times.



Our Goal at Bravo All-Stars is to make sure every child in this program is treated with respect and dignity. We will instill positive life skills that will benefit your child throughout his/her life. We guarantee each child is treated fairly and given the best of our abilities. Every child will receive the same amount of time, care, and effort as any other. We will promote good sportsmanship and a loving family/team environment. Rest assured that your child will have a wonderful experience with us.
“Our arms and doors are open”.




Mary Terry - My daughter was looking for a cheer program that took the sport seriously. She went to a tumbling class at Bravo to try it out, and afterwards said that every girl in the class was striving to be their best and that is what she wanted. We have really liked how Bravo rewards hard work. My daughter thinks the tumbling coaches are supportive. Nicole is experienced and honestly assesses the girl's skill levels with clear guidelines, and because of that, my daughter has covered a lot of ground this year which has built confidence that spills over into everything else she does.






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Zachery Fretty - Truly the best I've seen in a while, what a great job they did!
Carla Orta - Awesome place. Friendly, Amazing Staff & Coaches.
Briana DeBerardinis Champlain - They are so welcoming to new cheerleaders and families!! So happy we are at Bravo. Can't wait for the season to start.