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When do the half-year teams begin and end?

The half-year teams begin practice the week of December 8th and the season ends on April 11th.

How often do the teams practice?

Practice will be 2 days on either Tuesday's 6pm-8pm and/or, Fridays 5pm-7pm and/or, 6pm-8pm, 7pm-9pm & and/or Sunday 9am-11am, 11am-1pm.  Schedules will be given out after registration.  Days of practice will vary per team.  

What is included in the All-Inclusive price?

The items that are included in the ALL inclusive pricing are the following: monthly tuition, choreography fee, bow, competition fee, uniform, and music. All items will be sized and provided by Bravo All-Stars.

Do we get Christmas week off from practices?

No, our teams get choreographed during the Holiday break. They will not have their normal practice times but will have to attend 1 day of choreography. This year’s choreography dates are December  26th, 27th, 28th. Each team will have choreography 1 of the 3 days.   All members must be present for choreography. The teams choreography date will be the only practice day they will have that week.

How many times and where do they compete?

The half-year teams compete at 2 local competitions and a Family Showcase (Tentative comps April 4th, April 5th, April 11th).  Schedule will come out in November.

 Do you have an attendance policy?

YES-Every Cheerleader is required to be at every practice, class, choreography, and special events. If your child is involved in any other activities besides all-star cheerleading, please make sure they will not have conflicts.

Each cheerleader will receive 2 unexcused absences, which can be used at your discretion. Please note that you will NOT be able to use these unexcused absences the week of a competition. Once you have used these 2 unexcused absences and you then miss another practice you will be removed from the team. This attendance policy has been put into effect to insure that all cheerleaders participate with the same amount of commitment level.

Do we have practice during February or April Vacation?


How are teams formed?

Teams are usually made up of ages and ability. In All Stars there are Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior teams. Half-year teams can only be level 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 2.2. 3.2.   We choose team placements by age & ability.  All teams will be announced on Monday, November 18th.

What is the financial obligation?

 A $200 deposit will be due by December 8th and the balance due will be divided by the remaining months January-$200, February-$200, & March-$200.

If we decide to participate what do we do next?

If you want to participate then you must attend the registration on Friday, November 8th 6pm-8pm and a $40 registration fee is required that evening.  All athletes must stay the entire time. 

If I have more questions whom do I ask?

Email: nicole@bravoallstarz.com if you are interested in the packet

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Zachery Fretty - Truly the best I've seen in a while, what a great job they did!
Carla Orta - Awesome place. Friendly, Amazing Staff & Coaches.
Briana DeBerardinis Champlain - They are so welcoming to new cheerleaders and families!! So happy we are at Bravo. Can't wait for the season to start.